DNS Hosting

All Mammoth VPS customers receive DNS hosting free-of-charge. Simply configure the records you require using our easy-to-use web interface (pictured below) and then ask your registrar to delegate your domainname to our Mammoth VPS nameservers.

Our web interface has been designed with the casual DNS maintainer in mind. If you don't know what an A or CNAME record is, that's not a problem - the meaning of each is explained on-screen.

The interface also has some handy drop-down lists to help you fill in IP addresses and hostnames by showing you the IP address and names of your Mammoth VPS servers.

Screenshot of the "Edit DNS" interface


When configuring your domainname on your registrar's website, enter the following as your nameserver (NS) addresses:

  • ns1.mammoth.net.au
  • ns2.mammoth.net.au
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